Top 5 Trends From 2020 That Will Define 2021

In the midst of a pandemic, 2020 is far from one of the better years to have happened in the 21st century. It seems as if there is far between anything worth celebrating, however, everything has not been all doom and gloom in the previous year. Despite our everyday life has been turned upside down, we find a way to adapt and new trends and still keep coming. Here is how to keep track and stay ahead of the curve.

Plant-based Food

Whether due to health concerns, animal cruelty or climate change plant-based food is increasing exponentially. While people in America are only hovering around 8-9% identifying as vegan or vegetarian; there is around 40% of the population who are turning towards eating more plant-based alternatives according to a Nielson study. Plant-based foods have become more marketable in recent years due to more options, accessibility, and prices lowering to cater for everyone. As people have become more knowledgeable about vegetarian or vegan alternatives, some have shifted to meat-less days one, two, three or even more days during the week.

AI Technology

Artificial intelligence has been around since the 1950s, however, it is now surging like never before. As a result of the huge internet boom in the beginning of the century, and even more now that people have had to stay at home and digitalize additionally, there has naturally been an exponential growth of data that needs processing. It would take years of working hours for man to understand and extract this data, but many companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook have dived into the potential of AI-systems to unravel data from search-engines, social media, and other digital platforms in lightning quick speeds. The internet in general has seen many trends forthcoming in 2020 – more than just AI.


It probably goes without saying that the era of online meetings, university lectures, job-interviews, gym-classes etc. is crowned by Zoom. Known by the fewest in 2019 but most likely by everyone with a functioning laptop in 2020; Zoom has won 2020. Initially labeled as a formal application for 9-5 work, the platform has grown to so much more. It became a way for people to connect during covid-19. It became just as much a way to socialize as to work. People found themselves asking people if they wanted to Zoom, using it almost more like a verb than a name of a company receiving Google-like status. 


Because of the involuntary isolation that we all have been put through, it has given us time to reflect upon ourselves and our needs. We have learnt how important it is to listen to what our mind and body has to say and maintain a healthy relationship with our own body in order to transmit valuable emotions and love onto others. Self-care is not selfish. It helps to become the best version of yourself while around other people. People will receive energy from a person that is happy within themselves rather than someone who is in a bad state of mind.


Loungewear boomed throughout 2020 as people did not find it necessary to dress up, if they did not need to leave their house nor meet any people. This also meant that fashion brands were catering to this exact style of clothing. Usually, comfortable clothing tended to be something not worn around other people as it was pretty unattractive. However, now that people bought comfy clothing and fashion brands made that exact clothing style, people found themselves wearing good-looking yet comfortable clothing. Comfortable clothing trends that hit usually stays around for a very long while like Ugg boots and sneakers in general.